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AtlasLink is a mobile workforce management solution that provides visibility into field activity, two-way communications, and exchange of relevant data. On your phone, AtlasLink lets you log locations, two-way message, and record timesheets, while AtlasLink’s web console lets you monitor and communicate with your team. AtlasLink offers the power and flexibility to effectively manage your mobile workforce and improve your bottom line.

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  • Increase revenue by accomplishing more work per employee per day.
  • Decrease cost of operations by using your resources more efficiently.
  • Increase the productivity of your mobile team by making useful tools and information available to them in the field.
  • Streamline operations and increase overall efficiency
  • Maintain real-time knowledge of your mobile team with access to their most recent location information and stops.
  • Detailed reports help you make better business decisions.

What You Need to Start

  • NIM-certified GPS-enabled mobile phone.
  • Voice or data plan.
  • AtlasLink account and service plan.
  • AtlasLink mobile application installed on your mobile phone. AtlasLink is downloaded over the air from your wireless carrier.
  • Web browser access.


AtlasLink benefit screen
  • Secure, easy to use, extremely powerful, and robust.
  • Hassle-Free: Can run on your mobile phone in the background.
  • Monitor and manage your mobile team from any web browser.
  • Locate your team members: Get address info and maps of your team members’ locations on the web or on the phone.
  • Geo-Alerts: Records when your team arrives at or leaves a set of designated places. Works with your imported customer locations, contacts, or places.
  • Stops: Records all stops with locations and stop duration.
  • Notifications of Geo-Alerts and Excess Stops: Sends alerts to your phone or e-mail address when your team arrives or leaves a specified location or has stopped for too long.
  • Convenient messaging with delivery and read confirmation: Send and receive text messages from the web to your team’s mobile phones, or from phone to phone, and store the time each message was delivered and read.
  • Time card link with Mobile Job Log: Makes it easy for your mobile team to record their shifts, jobs, and breaks, so you can track job and workflow status in real-time. Includes configurable jobs.